We are growing! More tanks = more beer

May 4, 2013

It is a great time to be a craft brewery and especially a craft brewery in Indiana. Things are moving fast here as we gear up for our first expansion. Yes, we only started shipping in January and we really are already expanding so we can meet the demand for more aggressively fun craft beers.

This week we are receiving two new fermentation tanks and a new bright tank from our awesome partner JV Northwest in Portland. Over the next couple weeks the new equipment will be installed and once it moves into operation we will be able to easily produce over 2000 BBLs per year or roughly twice our current capacity. What this means to the average person out there is that we will be able to continue to grow our distribution footprint and volume for Lift Off IPA while also continuing to produce our Belgian seasonal series and limited release beers like Rip Cord Double IPA. 

And while we are busy growing our capacity we also wanted to give a big shout out to all the people out there who are part of the Daredevil community in one way or another from people supporting us when they buy a pint, to the establishments who carry our beer and the many vendors and distribution partners we work with every day. Thanks to all of you Daredevil beers can be found in many locations across the state of Indiana and more each week. Thank you!

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