Can Release & Flash Sale Feedback & Next Time

First, thank you to everyone that stopped in on Tuesday afternoon for the Lift Off IPA can release & flash sale. Second, we are sorry there was not enough for everyone that wanted to take part and that we ran out about 4 pm. Yes, that means we sold out in an hour of the 100-ish cases that were available. 

Being in the retail business we like to make everyone happy but unfortunately that is not always possible. We wanted to respond to some of the questions and also share some thoughts for how we can make improvements for any type of can release in the future. 

*We don’t really ever know what to expect for any can releases. We have releases where there is no rush and the beer lasts a few weeks and we have them where a lot of people show up and we sell out the same day. We literally just decided on Monday to do a flash sale and did not know if anyone would go out of there way to stop in on a Tuesday. We obviously underestimated the interest. 

*While we had no limit on the flash sale the average purchase was 1.5 cases. We understand people suggesting we place limits but again when we don’t have a crystal ball to forecast what is going to happen we rarely set limits. The few times we have set limits it’s 2 cases. If we had done that yesterday it would not have changed the short time to sell out. Only four people bought more than 2 cases. 

Future releases. We will explore a way to allow reservations using our online store that would let people pre-purchase and pick-up their beer in a certain time frame. We actually did this for a limited can release two years ago.  This is how we now do most of our keg purchases through our online store ( That would let us better forecast interest and for people that have no way of being here when we open a chance to participate. In the end there is only so much available for any release but we do want to give as many people as possible to take part. 


Aggressively Fun!

Team Daredevil