Daredevil Brewing To Be First Brewery In Space with Proposed SpaceX Partnership

April 1, 2018

We are excited to announce our intent to be the first brewery in space and be the official craft beer for SpaceX. We are big fans of pushing the limits ourselves and we regularly watch SpaceX launches from the brewery. 

While many details are yet to be worked out we can report that the following items are part of our planned partnership. Lift Off IPA will be the official craft beer of SpaceX and the private spacecraft Dragon which soon will provide manned flights in addition to cargo flights.

With manned flights planned to start soon we know passengers will enjoy having a selection of Daredevil ales and lagers included on their flight. Nothing like enjoying a great craft beer after a long day in space. We also like making history, and with Daredevil beers being a regular option on all flights this means the Dragon spacecraft will be a floating taproom making Daredevil the first brewery to operate in space. Finally, all future flights by SpaceX will now officially launch with the call out of  “3, 2, 1, Ignition, Lift Off IPA”.

We look forward to providing more details soon. Aggressively Fun!