Daredevil Brewing Anniversary Dinner Podcast & JWP name

January 23, 2014

First, we taped a podcast right before our anniversary dinner at Black Market on Monday. Only 56 people could attend the sold out and wait listed dinner, but we went over the entire beer lineup and the tasting courses so listening is almost like you were there! And several of the beers are still on if you want to get over to Black Market very soon!

Thanks Indy Beer News we had fun recording it!

Second, we have had quite a few questions about the background of the J.W.P. American Stout name and wanted to share the story. You also can listen to the podcast mentioned above at here it. 


The basic story is that one of our co-head brewers, Bill, spent time in the military. About once a month they would do deployments over a day or two and the only food they were provided were the military “MREs” (aka meals ready to eat). 

Being young men they needed lots of calories but truthfully the meals were not always tasty. They got creative and combined the sugar, cream and hot chocolate or coffee into a liquid that had a consistency something similar to pudding. Fast forward a few years later when Bill was working on a new stout recipe and he used that chocolate and espresso memory for inspiration. 

J.W.P. American Stout is the commercial version of this original beer recipe. It’s meant to be a balanced American Stout with a good amount of hops and tons of complex flavors. 

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