Daredevil Hall

Craft Beer + Inspired Food

At Daredevil, we believe that craft beer and food are one of the highest expressions of culture and community. From the very beginning of our brewery we designed our ales and lagers to pair with food and insisted on making our beers only from the highest quality traditional ingredients. The benefit of our approach is that we are able to offer a wide range of ale and lager style beers that are both great on their own and provide clean and bright flavors to complement your meal and occasion. 


We created Daredevil Hall to provide a community gathering place that celebrates craft beer inspired food and cultures from around the world. To bring the menu to life we partnered with Executive Chef Neal Brown, who like ourselves brings a passion for sense of place and takes inspiration from authentic and traditional ingredients and methods. Daredevil Hall at Ironworks Hotel Indy is a taproom & restaurant that celebrates craft beer inspired food from around the world and provides a community gathering place for any social occasion.


We also offer a carefully curated, ever-changing drink menu that includes 24 taps with a selection of Daredevil ales and lagers, selected guest taps featuring breweries from around the world we admire, craft cider and wines that pair well with our food menu.