Daredevil Hall

Craft Beer + Inspired Food

At Daredevil, we believe that craft beer and food are one of the highest expressions of culture and community. From the very beginning of our brewery we designed our ales and lagers to pair with food and insisted on making our beers only from the highest quality traditional ingredients. The benefit of our approach is that we are able to offer a wide range of ale and lager style beers that are both great on their own and provide clean and bright flavors to complement your meal and occasion. 


We created Daredevil Hall, an all ages restaurant and taproom, to provide a community gathering place for any social occasion and to celebrate craft beer inspired foods and cultures from around the world. In addition, we offer a carefully curated drink menu featuring Daredevil ales and lagers, guest taps from breweries that we admire and ciders and wines that pair well with our food menu.



Draft Beer Taplist

All of our beers are brewed at our Speedway brewery and served in specific glassware chosen by our brewers to best accentuate the aromas and flavors. A proper head on all beer is imperative to release aromatics and protect flavor. Allow for 1-2″of perfect foam, depending on style. We also post our draft list on Untappd. * = Available for Growler Fills.


American Inspired Ales & Lagers 

Lift Off IPA* • ABV 7.2% IBU 72 • Imperial Pint

Go For Launch IPA • Tulip

Oatmeal J.W.P. American Stout* • ABV 8.2 • Tulip

Nitro Oatmeal J.W.P. American Stout • ABV 8.2 • Tulip

Orange Zest Oatmeal J.W.P.

Rip Cord Double IPA* • ABV 9.0% IBU 90 • Tulip


German Style Inspired Ales & Lagers

Vacation Kölsch* • ABV 5.0% • Stange

Dunkel• ABV 5.2% • Lager Pint

Festbier• ABV 6% • Lager Pint

Helles Bock* • ABV 5.4% • Lager Pint

Negra Mexican style Dunkel* • ABV 5.4% • Lager Pint

Pils German style Pilsner • ABV 5.0% • Lager Pint


European Style Inspired Ales

Dark Mild • ABV 3.8% • Imperial Pint


Shandy Inspired Ales

Rip Cord Radler • Imperial Pint

Spark Plug Shandy • Imperial Pint

Shark Plug Shandy • Imperial Pint


Guest Beers & Ciders On Draft

Avery Double Barreled Maple | Colorado | BA Imperial Stout

Anderson Valley Framboise Gose | California | Gose

Ash & Elm Fleeting Youth | Indianapolis | Raspberry Cider

Ayinger Bavarian Pilsner| Germany | Pilsner

Duvel Moorgat Duvel| Germany | Belgian Strong Golden Ale

Firestone Walker Coconut Merlin | California | Stout

Firestone Walker Napa Parabola | California | BA Imperial Stout

Miller High Light | Wisconsin | American Lager

Steigl Grapefruit Radler| Gemany | Radler

Toppling Goliath Mornin’ Latte | Iowa | Imperial Stout

Weihenstephaner| Gemany | Hefeweizen


Wines By The Glass

Zardetto | Italy | Brut Prosecco

Argiolas | Italy | Vermentino

RouteStock | California | Chardonnay

Marques De Varges | Spain | Rioja

Juve Y Camps | Spain | Brut Rosé Pinot Noir

Tua Rita | Italy | Sangiovese


Carry Out – 4 packs/16 oz Cans & Cases (24 qty)

Lift Off IPA



Go For Launch IPA


Negra Mexican style Dunkel

Oatmeal J.W.P. American Stout

Rip Cord DIPA

Vacation Kölsch


Daredevil Hall Menu


The Hall Kid’s Menu (Dine-in Only)