Fundraising Madness with Brackets for Good

February 3, 2016

For the past three years we have been fortunate to partner with Brackets for Good, which is an Indianapolis based charitable organization. Every March they host online, bracket-style fundraising tournaments in philanthropic communities where participating nonprofit organizations compete for free to out fundraise their opponents, earn increased exposure, and have a chance to win $10,000 from a generous corporate sponsor. 

We first got involved as the craft beer sponsor by just donating some beer for the staff who at the time was running one competition in Indianapolis. Getting involved with Brackets for Good became a way for Daredevil to have a much larger impact with our philanthropy as by working with BFG we were able to immediately help 64 local Indianapolis charities. We were hooked.

Then in 2015 BFG did two cities with Indianapolis and Louisville, so now we were able to help benefit 128 charities. Fast forward to 2016 and BFG is going to run fundraising tournaments this March in 5 cities, which means we can help 320 charities across Indianapolis, Louisville, St. Louis, Ann Arbor and Minneapolis. Wow. 

This year we worked with BFG to do a commemorative version of our flagship Lift Off IPA can to help increase awareness of the annual charitable tournaments they run and they will start hitting our distribution areas across Indiana by mid-February as well as show up at their kick-off events in the participating cities where BFG is able to bring in our beers. So, look for this special can and remember to get involved with Brackets for Good by visiting their website at to help make a difference with Fundraising Madness!