Daredevil Brewing is Expanding Again!

We are excited to announce we have decided to build a new 10,000 square foot production brewery and open our first taproom at a 2.0-acre site that we have agreed to develop in Speedway, Indiana. Read the press release from Speedway)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

We spent the last year looking across the greater Indianapolis metro area in addition to considering options near our current location in Shelby County for our next brewery location.  Last fall we became aware of a redevelopment opportunity on Main Street, Speedway. After a lot of due diligence we decided the brownfield site at 1101 Main Street was a great fit for our current and future business needs and that it would provide us a location where we could continue to grow for years to come.

Timeline for Construction

We have a lot to do. Right now we are working on finalizing the building design, interior design, and determining the new brewery equipment to include in the initial expansion. We will be very transparent during construction (think web cam!) so we can keep people up to date on our progress. For now plan on construction beginning later this year and for us to be fully operational within the next twelve months. During the construction we will continue to operate the existing Shelbyville brewery.

We will close with a big thank you to all the supporters,contractors, businesses, bars, restaurants, and public officials too numerous to name that we have worked with over the last three years.  It’s time to Lift Off! Again!

Northwest Elevation from Gilman & Main Street, Speedway, Indiana