NEX IPA & Taproom News & Upcoming 4th Anniversary

It has been awhile since we did an update and a lot has been happening at the taproom and the brewery. This post is mostly about the taproom. If you are looking for our beers at a bar, restaurant or liquor store across Indiana we continue to post recent deliveries on our website. We primarily distribute our Lift Off IPA, Rip Cord DIPA, Muse Belgian Golden Ale & Vacation Kölsch with a few special small batch beers making their way out to nice homes from time to time. 

Taproom Hours have been extended

We recently extended the hours the Taproom is open and are open an hour later on most days

Tuesday to Thursday: 3 to 10 pm

Friday to Saturday: 11 am to 11 pm

Sunday: 11 am to 8 pm

Recently Released and Upcoming Beers

We post our current taplist on our website and we also recently started using Untappd for Business so you can subscribe to our taproom page and get alerts on new beers and events in their app on your phone.  At any given time we try to have on around 15 beers including our core year around beers and a wide selection of other beers. Recently added beers include:

Oktoberfest (on draft now)

English Harvest Ale (on draft now)

Carnival Saison (on draft now)

NEX IPA (on draft now)

Brett Project IPA (on draft now)

Dunkels Bock (coming soon)

Nitro J.W.P. American Stout (coming soon)

Save the Date: 4th Anniversary Celebration Saturday, December 17th

On Saturday, December 17th we will be hosting the kick-off to our 4th Anniversary celebration at our taproom. There will be crazy specials ($1 Lift Off IPA & Vacation Kolsch pints) and some special beers. More on specials as we get closer.

We will also host several events in January with more information on those coming in a few weeks. If you want to also save the date for our annual anniversary beer dinner at Black Market it will be on Monday, January 30th. 

More background on our new NEX IPA 

New & Experimental (aka NEX) IPA is our new American IPA that showcases our love of aggressively hopped beers. For this batch, we used a large amount of fresh Citra hop cones with a blend of Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, Chinook and Simcoe hop pellets throughout the brewing process. ABV: 7.0% IBUs: 80.

We had a lot of fun making this beer and we hope people enjoy it. This IPA will primarily be available from our taproom on draft and for carry out. We hope to make other versions of this beer and are looking into providing cans in the future, so stay tuned. This represents the third IPA in our lineup joining Lift Off & Rip Cord with all three being different examples of hop-forward IPAs.

For this batch we aimed to have this beer be toward the New England Style. We know a lot of people are going to ask the question what exactly is a New England Style IPA. There is no singular answer. However, there are some common qualities in IPAs coming from this region of the country that we enjoy which was part of the inspiration.

Generally these IPAs are hop-forward without being overly bitter and they have a softer mouth feel than many American IPAs. Example of IPAs from the northeast that we enjoy and that provided some inspiration for us when we were creating NEX would be Focal Banger and Heady Topper from The Alchemist as well as Haze & Sap from Tree House. In making NEX we did not set out to clone another beer. The intent was to present a different twist on flavor and aroma profiles we enjoy from the hop forward beers that we already brew. Having access to freshly harvested Citra hop cones from our friends at YCH Hops in Yakima, WA was just the excuse we needed to kick off this experiment. 

The main point with any beer is just to enjoy it for what it is. We hope you can visit us to enjoy the next beer in our Taproom lineup, NEX IPA.