Daredevil Brewing Co Releases J.W.P. American Stout

December 10, 2013

Shelbyville, IN (December 10, 2013) – Daredevil Brewing Co, makers of Lift Off IPA and aggressively fun craft beers, announced the release of their newest limited edition beer, J.W.P. which is forged from the combination of nine grains and American hops to deliver a huge bouquet of aromas and abundant flavors of rich, silky espresso and chocolate in an expressive American Stout with the spirit of the Wild West.


J.W.P. is a 6.5% ABV, 65 IBU, 55 SRM limited release and it’s also our anniversary beer! J.W.P. is one of our interpretations of the American Stout where we use an aggressive mixture of malts and hops to provide wave after wave of complex flavors for your enjoyment. It will be available on draft throughout the Daredevil distribution footprint of central and southern Indiana beginning Monday, December 16th.  J.W.P. will also be one of the featured beers in our upcoming  Aggressively Fun Appreciation Tour in January which will include six events across Indiana.

About Daredevil® Brewing Co.
Daredevil Brewing Co. is an independent, central Indiana based craft brewery that was founded by two award winning craft brewers, Bill Ballinger and Michael Pearson, and a talented craft beer enthusiast, Shane Pearson, to bring their flavorful interpretations of craft beer to market. We know from experience that brewing eclectic, aggressively fun beers is not for the timid. Fortunately, the only thing we like better than a challenge is drinking the end result.

For more information and to find Daredevil Brewing Co beers in your area visit www.DaredevilBeer.com. You can also follow Daredevil Brewing Co on Facebook at DaredevilBrewing, Twitter @DaredevilBeer and Instagram @DaredevilBeer

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