New Thursday Seasonal & Limited Release Location Update

April 18, 2013

We try hard to keep people informed of where you can find our beers across Indiana. As we grow it gets a little harder but we believe that people both want this information and find it very useful. 

For the last three months we have done a Friday weekend planning guide update with locations and then when we added our Muse Belgian Golden Ale seasonal release we started identifying if the location carried Lift Off IPA and/or Muse. This works well until we went past +70 locations and added our new limited release, Rip Cord Double IPA. 

To keep information flowing we are now going to provide a weekly update each Thursday on locations for our current seasonal and limited releases. If you have reviewed our website or read our prior posts our plans are to have 3 or 4 beers at any given time during the year which would mean 2 or 3 seasonal or limited releases. With +35 locations now carrying Muse and Rip Cord and growth continuing we think a dedicated weekly update is just the way to go. 

The Friday weekly update will continue and it will focus on providing the view of all our locations broken out by city. We will also highlight new locations each week.  You can also find this information on our Facebook page

Please send us feedback at [email protected] or comment on this post if you find these updates useful or have ideas on the type of information that we can add to improve the updates.  


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