Indy Lagerfest + Daredevil Die-Cast Car Promotion Update

April 3, 2018

We wanted to share an update on our original plans to include a 1:64 Daredevil die cast race car with our VIP tickets for our upcoming Indy Lagerfest event on May 19th. 

As some of you may remember we included an initial design of the Daredevil promotional race car with the announcement of Indy Lagerfest. We then actually updated the plans to use a second design. What we did not share at the time was that these changes were due to a company putting pressure on the die cast car manufacturer to not make the Daredevil promotional die cast car. 

Behind the scenes we were served a cease and desist letter on a number of concerns from this company including the Daredevil promotional die cast car design. We are not going to get into more details but we wanted to share this information so people understand the reason behind the change. 

We believe that we are in the right in this discussion and we are in no way infringing on anyone’s trademarks since the final planned Daredevil promotional die cast car design was a generally available product available to anyone to purchase as a promotional custom design and all the logos on the car were Daredevil trademarks and imagery. In fact many companies do promotional die cast cars for special events and our planned use was nothing different than the normal. Unfortunately with deadlines to make for producing the die cast car and our discussions dragging out with this company the promotional car could not be made in time for our event this year.  We hope to be able to work something out for 2019 on the promotional car. And now we move on.

We look forward to a great Indy Lagerfest on May 19th and you can purchase tickets online and at our taproom.

If you purchased a VIP Lagerfest ticket when the description included the Daredevil die cast car we will be offering a $5 refund. We have that list of people for tickets purchased online. If you purchased at the taproom we know what your ticket numbers are and we can also identify those tickets.

And one last time we will share the proposed designs from GreenLight Toys who were great to work with on this project. 

Proposed Daredevil Promotional Die-Cast Car Final Design and Packaging