Daredevil NEX IPA: Experiment #2 On Draft Friday 3/24

Back in October we introduced the first release of our NEX IPA. The first release was a lot of fun for us to make and based on the response it was enjoyed by a lot of people. 

The response got us thinking about the best way to move forward and we decided to expand NEX to be a full blown experimental series for us to explore different hops, malts and processes while making aggressively hopped IPAs that we enjoy.

NEX, as we used it in October, was an abbreviation with a few different meanings in batch #1, which we wrote about at the time, and going forward it will be used as an abbreviation for our “New & Experimental” IPA Series. The timing of releases will not be set and neither will the recipes, but instead we will allow ourselves to enjoy the experiment and then share the results. Favorite recipes can return but the main idea is for us to enjoy a shared journey where we provide a lot of details about what we did different from release to release.

Releasing this Friday at our taproom on draft is NEX IPA: Experiment #2, ABV: 8.0%, IBUs: 100. For this batch we focused on pushing the envelope at the end of boil. This is the first beer we have made that did not have any early kettle hops commonly used for clean bitterness. This allowed us to use a massive whirlpool hop addition of 4 lbs/barrel. Late addition kettle hops are used for flavor and aroma. They contribute a lot less bitterness, which is why we then got to use over 40 lbs of Simcoe, Amarillo and Citra hops in our whirlpool for this beer. In comparison, this is 3x a normal whirlpool addition we use in a hop forward beer. The result is a flavor and aroma forward IPA. The Simcoe/Amarillo flavor combination bolstered with Citra is fruit forward and dank. In many ways, this is an IPA variant of our Slip Stream Pale Ale which uses a similar hop mix at much lower amounts.

Come enjoy a pint of NEX IPA: Experiment #2, on draft starting Friday when we open at the taproom and also available for carry out in Growler & Crowler fills too. Aggressively Fun!