Muse BGA update and future Belgian Seasonal plans

March 9, 2013

We have had Muse Belgian Golden Ale out now for almost a month in locations across Indiana. We are really pleased at the feedback and that people are enjoying it.

We wanted to answer the most frequest questions we have had about Muse, which is “how long are you making it?” and “are you going to make more Belgians?”

On the first question, Muse is the first seasonal beer from our new Beligan series. As for dates we are roughly following the calendar seasons. Muse is our Winter seasonal with availability from February to April, which means we can brew it once a month so that people get the full benefit of fresh craft beer.

On the second question, we plan to make four Belgian seasonal beers this year with one per season. We have shown this on our website with estimated dates but not yet announced the beer names or beer style for each season. All we can say on this without spoiling the surprise is that you can expect each seasonal beer style to match the season we brew it. 

For now, enjoy Muse. Take advantage of it being around another couple months. We know we will. 

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