Daredevil Brewing Co: Our First Brewery Tour

January 19, 2013

The Daredevil Brewing Co is not open for public tours at this time and we have been so busy with everything the last few months we have not had that many people out to see the brewery. The exception has been a few friends who have stopped in to try a beer or wanted to volunteer to help out a bit and several brewers we know who wanted to see how we set the place up.

This week we had what would be our first official tour when several of local city council members and the mayor of Shelbyville came over to see the brewery, discuss how our business is going and of course try a Lift Off IPA. We had a good time discussing the brewery, the operations, the branding and marketing and of course the beer.   

It is also worth noting that we have had great support from the local county and city departments and officials that we have worked with over the last two years. Daredevil Brewing Co is the first commercial brewer ever in Shelby County and it’s a great location to serve the greater Indianapolis area, the State of Indiana and we expect other locations in the future.  

Photo: Left to Right: Shane Pearson, Jason Brown (Shelbyville City Council), David Carmony (Shelbyville City Council), Tom Debaun (Shelbyville Mayor), Bill Ballinger, Michael Pearson

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