Daredevil to Your Door: Direct Out of State Shipping

July 15, 2021

Direct Out Of State Shipping

We’re going to start offering direct to consumer, out of state shipping where it is allowed. It’s not a huge list of states/areas where breweries can direct ship across states. In fact, right now it is only 7 states plus D.C. that allow direct shipping from out of state breweries. Just letting you know as we can already expect the “can you ship to [where I live]” questions and the answer is that we don’t control these laws. We can’t even direct ship to our home state customers in Indiana yet, though it is something we have lobbied for a few years. We’ve had a lot of people ask so we’re going to give this a try so we can keep you in stock of Daredevil beers even if you happen to not be in Indiana.

Also, we have no control over shipping costs. Those are just the size & weight of the box. Think how much money you are saving by not having to make a trip to Indiana to get your Daredevil beer fix! 

Aggressively Fun!

Michael and Shane


>>>>> Out of State Shipping Info >>>>>

Where we can offer shipping at this time.

1. Alaska

2. Connecticut

3. District of Columbia

4. Florida

5. Kentucky

6. Nebraska

7. New York

8. Pennsylvania


Order Overview if you are lucky enough to be in these areas

We have a dedicated out of state shipping website setup that uses the Bevv.com service. They handle all the legal stuff so we can just focus on packaging and shipping beer to happy people with good tastes. This is where you will place orders so bookmark it. We will have a link from our online store website too in case you forget.


A few important things about our shipping

1. We are offering 12 pack and 16 pack quantity order options. You can order as much as you like as long as it is in the pre-defined 12 pack and 16 pack options. 

2. We will be making our best selling year round & limited release beers available. This will mean you can always get Lift Off IPA (which we can every week), Rip Cord DIPA (canned at least monthly) and Vacation Kolsch (canned at least monthly) and then please check for other beers that will come and go in the store.

3. We’ll plan to send out shipments once a week. You’ll get a notification when your order ships.

4. We are using Whale Pod Premium Shippers so your beers get to you safely. We pass these along at our cost in the $10 Packaging Fee.

5. We use UPS as the shipper and they are legally able to do direct shipments of alcohol. 

6. Your total cost for an order will be Beer Costs + $10 Packaging Fee + Shipping Fees. We’ve run some tests and it looks like shipments to most of the East Coast locations are going to run $20-25 for Group Shipping Fees for a 12-pack box and $30-35 Ground Shipping Feeds for a 16-pack box. Beer Costs are our normal prices. UPS Ground and 2-day shipping options are available.

7. If you place an order for more than one box, say a 12 pack of Lift Off and a 12 pack of Vacation, then when you get to the Shipping page you will be asked to choose a shipping option for each box. This is just the way the website design works and we’ve already mentioned it’s confusing and offered some feedback on making it better. If you are using Ground Shipping just select that on the left side for both boxes and after you select next it will show the total for Beer Costs + $10 Packaging Fee + UPS Shipping Fees on the Payment Screen Screen. Once Payment is made you will get a confirmation and we’ll get that beer right out on our next weekly shipment.